No New Update, But Some Greatest Hits

Spent the weekend walking around NYC in search of an apartment for next year, then caught paraflu (I think — no, I didn’t swab myself, it looks ouchy when I do it to other people). So, dreams of finishing up a post for today went out the window. For those of you with an appetite to learn something new today at any cost, try one of these older pieces that got fewer views than the rest:

My piece on supplemental oxygen for COPD with moderate desaturations, in which we find out that sometimes patients don’t need to be on six liters. Read and ask yourself “Why am I walking my patients prior to discharge, again?”

Risa talking about monoclonal antibodies for C diff infection. Wonder why they didn’t compare to long-term oral vancomycin? Same reason there’s no head-to-head trial for rivaroxaban vs. apixaban: they didn’t want to know.

And last, one of the coolest trials up on this thing, open label placebo pills for back pain. Spoilers: even when you tell the patient it’s a placebo, it still has a placebo effect.

We’ll be back tomorrow with Dr. Priya Joshi telling us about the STAMPEDE On trial, 5-year outcomes for bariatric survery vs medical therapy for diabetes. And if you’re not excited for that, well, I can’t help you. I’ll have a piece up on Wednesday, probably on lung cancer screening because that’s just the kind of mood I’m in.

Stay excellent folks!

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