Friday Wrap-Up: SGIM meeting, upcoming podcasts, and more.

Hi all,

Thanks for a great first week of EBM blogging at IM HEAT! I’m having a blast trying to make sense of some very cool literature, and I hope you’re having fun reading it. I’m currently at the annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine, so expect some excellent general medicine updates and reviews for next week’s entries. If you’re hankering for something new today, take a look at my Tuesday summary of open label placebo for back pain – it’s a cool trial and can help you finally understand what the hell regression to the mean actually… well, means.

IM HEAT’s flagship project, the EBM podcast HEATPod, is well underway. We’re recording now, and hope to start the podcast coming out on a weekly basis as early as the first week of June. In the meantime, stick with us – you might even get a little preview before then.

For your weekend reading list:
-This article detailing two trials of the PCSK9 inhibitor bococizumab on two different populations, with two different results.
-A trial of strict adherence to IDSA guidelines vs clinician discretion in community-acquired pneumonia.

Read about these and more next week on IM HEAT! And if you like us, follow us on Twitter @imheatpod, on Facebook at the IM HEAT page, on WordPress, or via e-mail updates, and, most importantly, tell your friends! We love writing this stuff, and we love it that much more when people enjoy reading it.

Have a great weekend!

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